We are all children of our planet

We are all children of our planet, But not everyone realized this yet. But what people spend their time? Where they do not, climb. We have only one life. And we spend it on strife. People need only money, They want to spend it for funny. Have we forgotten what is love. We can only wildly laugh. We're ready to laze around all day, Because for the rest we can pay. We are constantly looking back, Thinking that the future will attack. We can only sleep and dream, But to do something for us that's extreme. We have been hiding our true faces, Protecting our warmed places. We believe that our life is good, If there is in it, delicious food. We are proud that we are lazy, Because we think the rest are crazy. We think we are smart, But we can't anything new start.

We look at everything with close eyes, Even the fact that someone dies. We consider ourselves to be pretty strong. Our appearance on this planet is a wrong...

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